Exerpt from my play: Backstage

A Chair


You wanna know what i learned in school today?

That if some one should come into our building with a mind to kill

We should pick up our chair--


A mind to kill…

I thought a mind was a terrible thing to waste?


*Deep sigh*

you  know what,

Never mind.

If some nut decides to shoot up the place, I'm to grab a chair, shield myself and charge

He cannot kill us all she said.


And i looked at her to see if it was a joke

Which it wasn’t,

Then I had all of these questions….right

What  if he comes?

What if he he's armed?

What if he shoots?

what if he  kills?

What if he finds us?

Where will i be sitting?

Will be fast enough?

Will it hurt ?

Will i drop the chair?

Will i



If he comes

Cause we know its usually a he,

And we know he is usually suffering

Mentally in some way,

And we know he usually pics schools,

But we don't know how to stop him.


That's just great!

Our only weapon against a mind to kill

Is broken pencils  and eraser dust.

But a mind is a terrible thing to waste?


So somebody hand me a chair

So i can practice,

So i can be ready,

Cause he can’t kill us all.


Maybe I wont be nervous

W practice.

Maybe i wont drop the chair.

Maybe ill do chair lifts or maybe, maybe  i’ll just sit here

Until the adults figure it out

Cause u see a chair, a chair, is a terrible thing to waste