Life's Gold

Tis the last day of the Olympics.  We just watched the best in the world gather together to fight it  out for the gold medal of his or her sport.  I was delighted by the U.S. Women's track team, Simone Manuel and her historic, win, Usaine Bolts insane speed and of course, Simone Biles and her domination of gymnastics.

I cannot say much that has not already been said, or pointed out with the excited eloquence of a sports commentator however,  I would like to comment on the one thing that I learned which is this:  each of us works hard at some kind of craft all the time.  It could be to pass a math class, to be a terrific cook, the best in a sport, or a beloved writer.  This work is lifelong and on-going, but when your spot finally comes to take the stage:  have fun.  Simone Biles, Usaine Bolt, even the women's track team seemed to be having fun.  Biles' megawatt smiles, Bolt's singing smiling and dance moves, and Kristi Catlin's runway strut out to the Olympic track made their feats seem effortless.

When you know that you have prepared, put on your happy face and have fun.