Medicine for the Soul

A couple of weeks ago, a link kept popping up on my social media timelines.  I avoided it, thinking myself way to smart to fall into the pitfalls of groupthink. I lost this battle, needless to say, and I clicked on this link that had been looming around my timelines beckoning my finger to tap it and to glue my eyes to whatever .internet masterpiece was being offered.  So I tapped it.

The suspense grew as the lady on my screen eagerly made her way into the packaging of a Chewbacca mask all the while explaining how much this moment meant to her.  After some set-up, and a bit of banter, infectious laughter tore into my soul.  This mask, the strange sound it made and her happiness  was a joy to share with her.  I felt like I was a close friend that she was face timing with.  For four minutes, I was with my friend, laughing, healing my soul from the thrashing it endures with the worries of the world.  Soon, I was laughing just as hard as she was, and I loved it.   

Many that I have talked to since the video went viral and earned the Chewbacca mom lots of money and recognition.  Comments flowed with how feelings of how undeserving the mother was of so much attention when the world was hurting and filled with so many issues that required and even deserved immediate attention.  How amazingly pitiful must our world be to send such a video viral?  What does this say about our priorities, our society, even our intelligence?  I mean, this video went viral in minutes, literally.  

At first, I shared many of the same sentiments.  It's easy to do so. The world can have a way with your mind, especially when one watches too much news.  The world can warp your spirit with poverty, war, crime, and death.  Speaking of death, there has been so much death this year; so many people that we have leaned on in because of the gifts that have shared with us have left this realm for the afterword.

.So what does that leave us to do?  Become bitter, ravaged by the out pour of problems?  Pessimistic? No, we are humans. The Candace Payne understands how to deal with the pains of the world and she went viral because she gave us a gift, one that I am very thankful for.  In four minutes and five seconds, she reminded us to laugh, to heal, and to connect with the simple things in life.  The Chewbacca mom was just what we all needed.  

Laughter is medicine for the soul, Thank you Candace for a healthy dose.