A student of mine was once asked what was his greatest fear.

His reply was, “to be forgotten”.

  This week has certainly been one of loss.  Not to mention those earlier this year….

Natalie Cole

David Bowie

Doug Banks

Maurice White

Many names and faces that I will never know.

Chyna, a permanent fixture of my teenage years with my grandmother.

Sasha Avanna Bell, the mother of the Flint movement.

Billy Paul, of Mrs. Jones fame.

And of course, our beloved Prince.

The most unexpected and the one that hit me the hardest was one of my students.  I lost one of my students this week.  He was not the one that mentioned being forgotten but, he will not be forgotten.

Its been some week.  

And then the weeks end came…and the genius of Don Cheadle bought Miles Davis back to life and Beyonce reminded me of how absolutely amazing it is to be a woman, and how life is never sour with a good Lemonade recipe.

All of these LIVING souls, along with those that passed, reminded me of my magic.

The magic is not thinking about being forgotten but doing work that matters-- to you. 

To you.

To you.

To You!

And how can that be forgotten?

What you are on this earth to do, to express, matters.  Don’t fear it, or walk away from it.  Learn it, love it, dance in it, praise it, perfect it, and be proud of it.  It’s yours, this joy of yours, this thing that you need to express, it’s not a game, it’s your throne, it’s your crown.  That is worth your time.  How can that be forgotten?

I will never forget my student. I will always remember their smile, their style, their rhythm, and beauty and because of THAT student, I am reminded of how important my work is to the students that are still with me. 

I am honored to have lived in the Purple Reign and to have walked the Earth at the same time as Prince. He reminds me to constantly work at my craft, to grow, and to enjoy the process.

It's been quite week.

I will never forget its lesson.