On Fridays or Any Other Day When It's Necessary

  I sat in my seat antsy, anticipation building, salivating like a sick dog.  I was deathly quiet and trying to distract myself with the low lights, the hum of the fans and the depressing news that glared at me from overhead.  I tried unsuccessfully not to think about the consequences, about the risk, about the possible outcomes of this indulgence.  It was out of my budget but I was on another person's dime.  Besides, other desserts were ersatz compared to this plate of tempura ecstasy.  It could possibly spread my thighs another inch, protrude my belly over my unmentionables, or even give me another chin to helpdecorate my features.  Hell, it could do a lot of things but not today!  Today the only thing it was going to spread was a smile across my salivating mouth.
  The grinning waitress brought it out.  I got angry at her; I'm not sure why.  Perhaps I thought she was silently mocking my scale-shattering menu choice.   "So much for a girlish figure", I imagined her saying.  Then again, it probably ain't that serious.  She sets it down, and once she is a safe distance from further mocking and potential chiding, I pick up my fork and glide it into my slice of heaven.  Then only thing interrupting the angelic sound of fork meeting a golden crisp is the sound of my brother across the table assaulting his slice like a desperatekindergartener scrambling for the last ball at recess.  I open my mouthto bliss and temporary disillusionment and thank God for tempura-fried cheesecake aka, #heavenonearth.  Yes folks, I'm a bonafide foodie, and this golden fried cheesecake complete with crispy outside drizzled in chocolate syrup, whipped cream, and a happy red cherry, is one of the reasons why.  Vegetables and water are good for our bodies, but this five minutes of sheer satisfaction is worth a week of excruciating exercise (that I may or may not partake in *smile*).    There is a reason why there is soul-food, comfort-food, home-cooked meals, and things that just make you dive in despite diet.  Need a moment?  Indulge, its good for you too!