Just Be

I go back to work tomorrow.

I am not sad about my return though...in fact, I am not even dreading it.  I would never say that I dread going back to work, but this time, I am going back refreshed.

Usually, when break time comes, I am broken down.  I spend my whole break sick.  I return to work having just got over a cold.  I got the flu a week before Spring vacation this year, and I spent break doing exactly what everyone should do on a break...absolutely nothing.

There were mornings when I woke up just minutes before noon.  There were nights when I went to bed just minutes before dawn.  I played Candy Crush saga, watched anime, and found a terrific new show to watch:  Mr. Robot.  I did some feng shui in my home (Spring cleaning), I did laundry, and ate.  

I hit the pause button, for real.  I lay in bed and allowed myself to just breathe.  I allowed myself to listen to the birds chirp conversations, to half-listen to the radio broadcast playing softly in the background,  to hear myself breathe.  I did not get up, or move, I just lie there and enjoyed the serenity of oxygen in my lungs, warm flowing blood in my veins, and life in my body.

We all deserve and need, to hit the pause button. We need to sit, as a teacher of mine says, in the pause, and not think.  We need to not browse social media, send a text, like a picture, or even speak. It is a necessity to understand what it feels like to exist, to hit the pause button and level yourself out, and ground yourself again.

Summer is around the corner, next time you have a moment, lay on your bed, don't speak or be spoken to, don't read, or even think, close your eyes and just be.