Didn't You Hear?

Today justice spoke. 

Clarence Thomas broke his silence for the first time in ten years today, and many RSS feeds are cluttered with clicks from those straining to hear what he had to say.  We are also listening to Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Ted Cruz and Chris Rock.  

While we listen, we are coding messages into the present.

#Askmemore  #JusticeforFlint  #62Milliongirls #BlacklivesMatter

Our future is happening now.  It is being shaped by what we are learning, what we are choosing to see, choosing to listen to, and how we are moving forward as a result of our ingestion.

I have faith in humanity. Slowly, we are beginning to see the  humanity in each other.  Sometimes it's by brute force, sometimes it is a subtle suggestion, but it is happening.  The sexism, racism, classism, ableism, and ageism, stand in front of us stark naked and in pure absurdity. The revolution will be televised, and streamed, and hashtagged, and shared, and liked. It's happening now.

Margaret Mead, the world-renowned anthropologist said once of a group of people... "everybody thinks they're beautiful...I've now figured out why:  that for maybe two or three thousand years they never saw anybody but themselves, and they think they're beautiful and they are so impressed with themselves that everybody else thinks they're beautiful.  If you think you're beautiful, you move like a beautiful person."

We have been with each other for many thousands of years, we are the only choice we have:  beating hearts, flowing blood, human life, standing together. indivisible, and with justice for all. I know that we can #askhermore and tell her she looks nice too.  I know that we can bring about #justiceforFlint and #62milliongirls.  I know that #blacklivesmatter because #alllivesmatter. We can do all of those things because we are so very impressed with ourselves.

Tonight, on this 29th day of February, in a leap year, I close my eyes knowing that our past, our present and our future is taking a leap of faith with us because we are choosing to see with a different set of eyes, eyes that see humanity as the common denominator in our everyday living and in our #hashtagsofprotest.

Today, justice spoke.  

Did you hear it?