Swift to Speak

Tis the season of, "and the award goes to...".  The Superbowl,  the Grammy's, the Oscar's, and many more award shows are all giving us reason to applaud our favorite stars for a job well done.   All over the country, someone is winning and someone is losing.

During this season, I have made several interesting observations.

 1.  I don't think sex is the top sales pitch anymore.

2.  Picking people apart is waaaay more fun.

3.  I'm glad (insert spiritual entity here) isn't on social media. 

4.  We missed Lady Gaga's elation for her Golden Globe win, yet somehow caught Leonardo DiCaprio's smirk during Gaga's march to the podium.

5.  We couldn't celebrate with Peyton Manning until we picked apart the reaction of his brother Eli.

6.  Some of us get to be wounded warriors in sporting events, and some of us are just sore losers.

7.  We delighted in the fact that we may have finally proved that Will and Jada's parenting techniques don't work because they have a fearless son.

8.  It is never okay to carry hot sauce in ones bag, besides, bottles are not allowed at the Superbowl.

9.  Celebrations of culture are still controversial.

10.  We are gods at gossip; we eat babies for breakfast.

There was one more observation that I made.  Of all the worst dressed lists, memes, and nasty trending topics on social media, Taylor Swift, and her genuine joy for her friend, at first, at least, puzzled everyone.  Some called it over the top, some say she stole the thunder from Ed Shereen.  Whatever the case, the camera's lingered so we could all gawk at Ms. Swift's reaction.

She was happy for her friend.

 She was how we all said Cam Newton should have been.

She was lady-like.

She showed us all humanity, in a very well-dressed moment.

And I loved it.

Perhaps the Hunger Games was not just a book and a movie.   Maybe we pattern our society with the same brutality that was seen in the book and movie. We give our children a bath, a glass of juice and a Poptart, then send the off to school having taught them the fine art of judgement.  Once in the arena, they taunt, and terrorize their classmates just as we have shown them, in our living rooms, in our hashtags, and in our media.

Then we ask them not to bully.

To play on Kendrick Lamar's Grammy award-winning lyrics...

"We are the biggest hypocrites of 2016

if you troll social media, then you'll know just what I mean

We spew beautiful hatred, at people that we'll never meet

and then we make it viral, spread it all in a tweet"

Here's to humanity.

Great job Ms. Swift.